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The Supernova 300 Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern For Bright Evenings At The Campground #SuperNova300

Supernova 300 Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern
The Supernova 300 lumens LED camping lantern combines the latest in LED lighting technology along with an innovative design that results in high performance.  This camping lantern has the ability to run for days.  The exterior is built with a very rugged exterior.




The 300 lumens allows the lantern to be the brightest it can be – far more bright than any other lantern we have ever used while also being a smaller, compact size.  I don’t have to worry about the kids touching or being near the lantern because the exterior remains cool or room temperature – it does not get hot.  It takes three D batteries and can last as long as six days.  After losing power with Irene and Sandy for very long periods of time – we are more and more concerned about making certain we have adequate resources for the inevitable net event.  For camping there is even a slow pulse LED indicator light that ensures we will always be able to be found in the event of an emergency.

We start camping at the end of next month and I can’t wait – there is nothing better than chilling outside by the fire with a nice lantern by your side to light your way.  That – and the kids are always entertaining themselves!  My only frustration with this lantern is when trying to put the cover to the battery compartment back on it is very difficult to line it up perfectly.

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