Toeless Yoga Socks Bella Style Non Slip #Pursabino

Toeless Yoga Socks Bella Style Non Slip | The Stuff of Success


I can’t imagine our lives without yoga.  I am not the biggest yoga fan but I do understand its value thoroughly because my daughter is!  She is 10 years old and knows the benefits of yoga, practices it when she feels stressed – perhaps even other times when I am being a little less watchful.  She has her yoga mat, yoga blocks and now she has her Toeless Yoga Socks Bella Style.




And even if she didn’t love yoga she would still love these socks.  I have to fight to get her to wear socks – I am not kidding you.  And even if I can get them on her, she will take them off as many times as she can throughout the day.  These however allow her to have a feeling of being barefoot while also preventing her from sliding across the kitchen floor.


toeless yoga socks

Just an FYI – I don’t show my toes to anyone so this is definitely a rare glimpse…  These toeless yoga socks allow the wearer to perform yoga, pilates (my favorite) or other without a mat and without fear of slipping.

We can still allow our feet to breathe while still having the protection.    They do protect feet from bacteria and fungus – unlike going barefoot.  Her feet will have just enough warmth with plenty of comfort and support for balance.  I feel like – where have these been all my life… She is very willing to wear these!


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