Tablet Flexible Device Holder Stand #universaltabletholdercldbrands Fits Any Size Tablet!

Tablet Flexible Device Holder Spider Stand


Do you have assorted tablet holders in your home?  I do – I have designs for Kindles (all sizes), a Verizon Tablet, iPads (all versions) etc… Why do I have so many?  Because they are all specific to one size/style and options are limited.


5b57fbcdc754919244177a1b203aea1eddba74d6But this tablet stand by CLD Brands is completely universal, useful in portrait or landscape mode, fits any size tablet and more.  It can also be used for other digital devices like portable DVD players etc…





It can even be used for books – perfect for cookbooks!  It is made of a strong plastic with a rubber coating.


They even make a smaller size designed to fit any size phone, GPS and more.  See my review on The Stuff of Success.  This design is truly incredible – it will change the entire market.  When I think of all the holders I have purchased and made over the years – when all I really need is one simple holder which is small enough to keep in my purse and can go with me wherever I need it.


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