EpicPoD Xtreme Xtender Selfie Stick – I Can Always Be In A Photo Now #epicpod

EpicPoD Xtreme Xtender Selfie Stick


EpicPoD Xtreme Xtender Selfie Stick

EpicPoD has just launched their latest Xtreme Xtender Selfie Stick that was designed with the traveler in mind and built with the quality fit for a professional.

This stick is very rugged – I have tried other selfie sticks and they are okay for my kids to play around with but this one feels much more rugged and professional.  It is compact and lightweight yet it can expand to 35 inches long.  It has a sturdy phone holder with a GoPro adapter – though I don’t have a GoPro (unless someone wants to let me review one).  It can hold a little more than 6 pounds!  That is far more than an iPhone 6+ which I find other selfie sticks cannot support.  The phone holder expands from 4.3″ – 5.1″ long and 2.2″ – 3.5″ wide to fit most smartphones.  Our family has an iPhone 4s, a few iphone 5’s, and an iphone 6+ and it works perfectly with any and all.

To stretch the rod out full length I simply need to twist and lock – just like a good mop!  I can even pair my bluetooth device with the selfie stick which has an rechargeable lithium ion battery.  I haven’t used it for 100 hours yet but it states it can be for 100 continuous hours and that is very exciting news.

My daughter and I are headed to Florida in April for a quick trip to Disney.  I was hoping I would have a nice self stick to take with us.  I want to capture all the memories I can – of both of us.  Otherwise it will look like she was the only one who went!  We can’t have that now can we.

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