Armadillo-Fortress iPhone 6 Heavy Duty Case Has Three Interchangeable Colors

Armadillo Fortress iPhone 6 Case


This Armadillo-Fortress iPhone 6 case is very heavy duty.  It fully encloses the iPhone making it dirt proof and and the bumper makes it shock proof.




There are three interchangeable back plates for this case – black, green, and gold.  They call it cold but I would call it more of a rose color.


Armadillo Fortress Case Clip

The clip on case cover has a kickstand and rotary belt clip.   iPhone 6’s are large phones and this case only adds 3mm thickness to the phone and it is made with Eco friendly material PC + TPU.


Built in screen protector
Full protection with built-in screen guards against scratches without compromising sensitivity.


My husband literally went out and bought an iPhone 6 when I received this case to review.  The case is definitely snug on the phone and it took me a little while to figure out how to put it on but once I figured it out it was easy.  My husband is brutal on his phones and cases.  I honestly don’t know what he possibly does but they never survive.  Sadly the clip on this one broke off within 48 hours.  He works in education – not construction.  What he does is beyond me but the clip did not hold up.  The case itself is the most rugged I have ever seen so I doubt he can actually do damage to his phone through the case but we’ll see.  We do like the versatility of the different colored rear plates – he went with black for the moment.  If you hold the phone at certain angles there are blurry lines that appear so it works best if you are looking straight on.


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