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MIU COLOR® Packable Handy Lightweight Nylon Backpack Daypack – Foldable and Water Resistant

MIU COLOR® Packable Handy Lightweight Nylon Backpack Daypack


The MIU COLOR® Backpack is made of a durable and water resistant nylon fabric with widened mesh shoulder straps to protect your shoulders and make your trip(s) more comfortable.  There are reflective patches on both sides to reflect light making it more safe to walk and carry in low light and at night.  Dimension: 12×16.5×6.3 inches when open; 9×5.5 inches when folded. It is very easy to fold and very light to carry!


Miu Backpack 3

My daughter and I are planning some trips for 2-3 days.  Not long enough to be considered a true vacation but long enough that we need to pack – we just don’t need big bulky luggage.  And fortunately the trips will be to Florida where the weather is warm and the clothing we need to carry is not bulky. My daughter will be using this backpack.  It is very lightweight and even though the nylon fabric is very thin, it does appear to also be very sturdy.


Miu Backpack 1

The backpack is available in blue or green.  For me – I would choose green but for her, blue works.  When we are not traveling I will fold it up and keep it in my car.  I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself needing a sturdy bag with none to be found.  I may actually even buy another one that we can keep folded up in this backpack during our trips because you know we will be coming back home with more than we went with… May as well plan for that eventuality.  When we are not traveling to Florida we spend weekends in Maine (yes we enjoy the east coast) and she always needs to take “stuff” back and forth.  We leave clothes up in Maine but her favorite stuffed animals, blankets, toys all need to go back and forth.


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