Soleness Jumbo Loom Kit – 5400 Loom Bands! #solenessbands

Soleness Jumbo Loom Kit - refill loom bands

Soleness Rainbow colored loom rubber bands in 18 different colors, 5400 bands in total, neatly packaged in this loom kit in 18 separate bags.

This package includes 4×300 glitter bands, and 4×300 glow in the dark bands made out of silicone. And 10×300 rubber bands, as well as 125 c clips and 125 s clips.


This is definitely a mega pack of loom kit of bands.  This will keep us busy for some time for sure.  These bands do not have an odor even as soon as we open a package.  I love that there are both “S” clips and “C” clips.  When I make loom art I usually prefer the “S” clips but my daughter can maneuver the “C” clips more easily.  There are so many great colors – that alone would be awesome.  But this kit also has glitter bands and glow in the dark bands.  In a store I could easily pay $5 for 300 bands.  This is such a better deal – I will never buy at a retail establishment again!  And these bands are great quality.  They are not thin and flimsy.  They are stretchy and tough.


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