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PKB Portable Kettlebell – the Most Versatile Kettle Bell

PKB portable Kettlebell


I was so thrilled to be offered an opportunity to try this Kettlebell.  I have other brands but they are very heavy and quite frankly I worry that my children will get into them and hurt themselves.  They tend to do exactly what I don’t want them to do.  This PKB Portable Kettlebell is the perfect solution for so many of our dilemmas.  It is portable and can go anywhere with us – that means camping, trips to Florida, work to workout at lunch – anywhere!  Without anything inside it weighs just 10 ounces and it tucks easily into my gym bag, laptop bag, purse or even in my lunch bag.


Before filling with rice


The most ingenious aspect of this kettlebell is I can fill it with whatever I want.  My daughter and I created a video with us filling it with common rice.  Since then we have filled it with concrete sand, sandbox sand, couple cans of vegetables… Whatever we have on hand.  This one could end up weighing up to 15 pounds depending upon what I fill it with.  The fabric is very strong and durable – it is made of ballistic nylon which is puncture, tear and abrasion resistant.


After filling with rice


I don’t need to worry about my children using it.  For example if we fill it with rice – it has some decent weight to it while also allowing my children to work out.  BUT… if they drop it, nothing breaks – not their toes or anything it falls on.



Check out our video showing you just how the PKB Portable Kettlebell works:

Our campground does not have a gym and now we will have a great portable workout to keep with us at all times.  We get plenty of biking, hiking, swimming exercise but the addition of a kettlebell is quite welcome.


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