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Best Buy’s HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop with AMD FX APU @BestBuy #AMDFX

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It’s no surprise to anyone that I am on my computer A LOT! Between blogging and researching alone, I log many hours, and that is before I do any personal surfing. All of this time online means that I need my computer to be efficient, user-friendly, and to operate at maximum capability. I have tons of photos and videos, not to mention all of my word processing files. I need a computer that can keep up with both speed and storage. The HP Envy TouchSmart 15.6”  ADM-FX Series Touch Screen Laptop from Best Buy is a laptop that can handle all of my needs.
The HP Envy is an excellent computer for someone who needs a robust laptop that will be able to keep up. We all have busy lives, and we don’t need to sit and wait for pages to load, or files to open or save. We need a computer that can multitask as well as we can. I know that shopping for a new computer can be confusing, with all of the numbers and codes that non-tech people can get overwhelmed by, but here are the basics that you need to know.
The Envy has a 15.6” touch screen, which makes it so much easier to manipulate data on the screen, and let’s face it – it is pretty cool! The screen has a standard resolution of 1366 X 768. The Envy comes with Windows 8, but don’t let that intimidate you – it has settings which allow you to make Windows 8 look like Windows 7. The Envy has 6 GB of memory, which is plenty for most users. Memory is your computer’s RAM (short-term memory), which handles programs and files that are currently open. This has nothing to do with the files that you have saved – those are saved on your hard drive. Hard drive spaces is very important – and the Envy delivers. It has 750 GB of hard drive space. To put that into perspective, with 750 GB you can save 1000 hours of video, or 200,000 songs, or 750,000 photos. That is plenty of hard drive space for typical users. Out of curiosity, I did a search to see how much things have changed. In 1995, the average desktop computer had 8 MB of RAM (today’s 6 GB of RAM equals 6,000 MB!) and 400 to 1,000 MB of hard drive space (compared to 750,000 MB in the Envy). Quite a change!
The HP Envy has some nice features that would make my life a lot easier. There is a built-in webcam, which allows you to chat more easily and to create videos. The backlit keyboard would be great for when I am working late at night and don’t want to disturb anyone else with the lights. And the HP Envy comes with the program Dragon Naturally Speaking, which allows you to dictate whatever you want to write. This could be a helpful program to allow any of us to write while freeing up our hands to do something else.
The real power in the HP Envy for bloggers and moms, though, is the robust multi-media package. If you are looking for software for video or audio production, you used to be restricted to using a Mac or making due with substandard software for the PC. The HP Envy comes with the CyberLink YouCam, which can be used to add effects to photos and videos. Power Director provides you with high quality video production, which would be fantastic to use for product videos and to edit videos of our day trips. The Envy makes photo sharing, organization and conversion so much easier with their included software, and Connected Music allows you to listen to music from different sources, including iTunes. It would be such a relief to have all of these valuable functions taking place in concert with each other and on one computer.
If you are looking for a new laptop for your work or for your family, check out the HP Envy TouchSmart 15.6” ADM-FX Series Touch Screen Laptop from Best Buy. Not only would the laptop be great for mom and bloggers, it has a very reasonable price tag. The staff at Best Buy, or at, can answer any questions that you may have and make sure that you have the best product for your needs.


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