Betta Bridges Ear Cleaner For Dogs – Keeping Their Ears Healthy #doglovers

Betta Bridges Ear Cleaner For Dogs



Summer is almost here and our dogs are constantly finding puddles of water to dive into.  They are truly dogs that love water – however they can get it – puddles, pools, sprinklers, hoses… If there is water to be found, they will find it for sure.  What that means though is their ears frequently need to be cleaned or they will end up with a pesky ear infection.  Yeah, we have been there and done that and I hate it when they get ear infections.


How do I know if they have an ear infection – especially when they can’t tell me?  First and foremost – the smell.  Infected ears on dogs smell very, very sour.  If I even lift their ear to look at it, they will lean into me begging me to rub their ears.  Of course, they always love their ears rubbed but when they are infected, they become quite persistent with their request(s).  They could also shake their head, rub their ears on things trying to get some relief and more.  Every dog handles it differently, but you will soon learn the signs of your beloved pet.  Ear infections left untreated can lead to irreparable damage.






Betta Bridges Ear Cleaner for Dogs contains essential oils and natural enzymes offering immediate relief.  They don’t include any chemicals or sulfates in their ear cleaner.  It is made of all natural ingredients and doesn’t include alcohol so my dogs’ ears do not get dried out.  One of our dogs is very sensitive – to everything.

I can’t use anything except natural products on her skin or she will end up with hotspots.  She has to eat a diet that is wheat free and very healthy for her.  She also has Addisons Disease so keeping her generally healthy is even more important.  We can’t have anything upsetting her balance and impacting her Addisons or she will end up in an adrenal crisis situation.  She loves this ear cleaner and anything natural that provides immediate relief to my girls is greatly appreciated!



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  1. Debbie Welchert says:

    We have three dogs and this would come in handy at times. I love that it has only natural ingredients.

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