Silicon Devices COMFORT+ Bluetooth Earphone For A Great Gym Experience #SiliconDevices

Silicon Devices COMFORT+ Bluetooth Earphone


Music makes the world go round and there is nothing worse then your favorite song being cut short due to your head phones falling out, getting wrapped up in a cord attached to your music device, not being able to hear to the noise in the gym, or even the ear pieces being so uncomfortable that you have to keep taking them out to give your poor ears a break.




Break out of this music rut with a pair of wireless headphones that provide the whole package. What are these magic headphones you ask? Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth COMFORT+ Headphones with Noise Cancelling technology. It’s a long name, I know, but the tongue twister is definitely worth it.




Lets start with comfort, cause we all know that is the most important aspect of anything we are going to be using for a long span of time. These headphones are completely adjustable to you; from interchangeable covers to ear locks for the best custom fit that not only keep your headphones in place no matter how you move but make them more comfortable to wear.




Add in the fact that the COMFORT+ headphones are the most lightweight earphones on the market and you could almost forget you are even wearing them! That was if it wasn’t for that absolutely amazing HD sound coming out of these little guys. Plus don’t worry about ever having to turn up the volume just to block out the wanna be body builder next to you at the gym or the inconsiderate girl in the library, the COMFORT+ headphones are equipped with advanced technology that cancels out white noise so you can enjoy that favorite song without interruption. Speaking of the gym lets get sweaty for a moment.


If you are a gym bunny you know what I mean; that wonderful sweating that completely destroys your headphones causing you to have to buy a new pair every month. Not with COMFORT+! They are completely sweat-proof allowing you to workout your hardest without worry. Now for the cord…oh wait, there isn’t one! Just like the name hints these bad boys are wireless and not the kind that cuts out if you move just right. COMFORT+ headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology that is compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled phones and computers. All in all the COMFORT+ headphones are comfortable without the worry of falling out, lightweight, cancel out white noise, have HD quality sound, wireless, sweat-proof, and oh yeah they even have a microphone! So what is stopping you from buying a pair? That may be the best part, COMFORT+ headphones are only $49.87. Change your music experience now, don’t let the music die.


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