Strength Stack 52 Is Fun And Effective #StrengthStack52CompletePack

Strength Pack 52

If you’re anything like me, you thoroughly enjoy working out, pushing your body to its limits. A few weeks back, I stumbled upon a unique card game that was focused on the idea of working out. Upon further research, I learned that the product was manually created by a Sargent in the army known as Michael Volkin who served time in Iraq. Volkin wanted to create a fun, unique, and ultimately motivating card game – Strength Stack 52 – that would help people gain music and shed fat in an efficient manner.




The product itself takes a unique approach in the realm of exercise using a simple deck of cards. With no other equipment required, any individual can achieve elite fitness within a few weeks simply by playing the game.. The approach is simply incredible, incorporating a gamified approach to a traditionally mundane task. The game (or workout) can take as little as five minutes, working out your body in an efficient, but fun manner.

The game is not only extremely fun, but also unique every single time it’s played. The cards from the deck are selected at random, allowing the user to maximize muscle variation and increase muscle gains significantly. When the game is played a second or third time, the user will soon realize that no workout is done twice. Allowing for continuous random workouts, the entire body gets worked out evenly.




The cool part about the Strength Stack 52 card game is that you ultimately control your own level of difficulty. There are a select set of cards for beginners and also more advanced cards throughout the deck. Each card includes a simple picture and description to help describe the given exercise. If that wasn’t enough, each card includes a QR code that allows one to scan the card and watch a demonstration video created by Sargent Michael Volkin himself. The videos go into extreme detail, allowing even an absolute beginner the proper form and set up of every exercise.




I consider myself pretty fit, and even I struggled with the elite cards. The point is this; this game will help shed pounds of fat and create ample muscle to anyone looking to become more fit. After a few weeks of playing the game daily, I noticed a considerable amount of changes to my body. First, I noticed my muscles getting tired extremely fast. This is a good thing, because it shows that each exercise is focusing on a single set of muscles and tiring them out. Secondly, I noticed a reduction in the fat on my body. Even after a few weeks of playing this game, I never once did the same exercise twice. Due to this, I found myself motivated and excited to learn new, hidden workouts that were working on both my major and minor muscles.




Truthfully, I’m really glad I came across this product. It obviously works and it is a unique approach to working out. I will continue to use this product and become more fit. If you’re looking for a matchless approach to a traditionally boring chore, I highly recommend checking out Volkin’s Strength Stack 52.
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