Paper Roses Make The World So Much Brighter!

The World According To Paper

This is a very easy project that even the kids can do with great results.  This tutorial can also serve as a foundation for so many great projects.

First you need a supply of paper or cardstock.  You can use almost anything – even pages from a book or magazine (which produce some beautiful and interesting results).  Today I am using some simple cardstock colors – bright colors.

Begin by cutting out a circle in a spiral pattern – while cutting create a sort of scalloped edge by moving your cutting pattern in a wavy motion.  (see more details below)…

Starting with the outer edge (lower left of this photo) roll the entire spiral tightly.  Once you have all if it wound tightly, release it (it will not come undone, it will just loosen enough to form a flower).  The innermost portion of the spiral (center) will serve as a base to glue the flower upon.  The result is below.  The more concentric circles in your spiral, the more full the flower will be.

You can use these paper flowers to make bouquets, decorate gifts or gift bags, create garland etc… Pretty much anything you can use regular flowers for, substitute with paper flowers.

This is what it looks like once you cut it into a spiral…

You don’t use tweezers for this project but I was using them so you could see the detail without my fingers being in the way.

Then you start rolling the spiral edge – start at the outer edge of the spiral moving inward.  It really doesn’t matter if you roll under or over – whatever is comfortable for you.  Just try to keep your rolling as tight as you can – that will keep the shape well after you have completed your rose.

start rolling
keep rolling…
keep going until you get to the center
the whole thing is rolled now
let it go… it will open up on its own – if you want it to open up more just put a little pressure on the center and it will automatically open up some – stop when it has the look you desire.  Put a dab of glue on the bottom-most portion and press it down – it will dry perfectly.

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