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Coasters with Vinyl Disorder

I totally love Vinyl Disorder products and am always searching for new projects to make with them.


Today I am bringing you simple coasters.  You could use ceramic tile squares but I am using what I have on hand.  Now I will tell you I made these about three weeks ago but I wanted to see how they held up before I posted the project and lo and behold they still look good as new and I definitely plan on giving them as gifts to some family members.  Who couldn’t use more coasters?


Because I can order the custom vinyl stickers in any size/shape I want – it is easy to get the correct size for tile.  However, at the time I ordered the size I wanted for another project.


For this project I just need my custom vinyl sticker(s) from Vinyl Disorder and some chip board.  This is so easy – just cut the chip board in the shape of the sticker and stick the sticker on.  I did it in the order to show it to you but it is just as easy (probably easier) to stick the sticker on the chip board THEN cut it out.  Whichever you prefer.


Because the sticker is vinyl it repels water and works perfectly.  Since it is on chip board I can easily find a spot for many coasters!


And right now you can get 30% off your order with coupon code:  STRTM30


Custom sticker options include:  Gloss Stickers – Gloss finish will last 3 – 5 years outdoors in all weather conditions. Made of high quality vinyl not paper so made to last!  Vinyl Fabric stickers are an indoor media that can be used outdoors too – it’s awesome!  Matte finish stickers will last 3 – 5 years outdoors in all weather conditions.  They are made of high quality vinyl not paper so made to last! Clear Stickers come in gloss or matte and will last 3 – 5 years outdoors in all weather conditions.  Also made of high quality vinyl not paper!


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