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Greenwald’s Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner Kit #GlassCleaner

Greenwalds Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner

Greenwald’s Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner Kit


The Greenwald’s Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner Kit includes everything you need to make 6 full 32 oz. bottles of glass cleaner, you just add tap water. The kit includes a 32 oz. spray bottle, 6 individual concentrate packs and a step-by-step mixing instruction sheet.  Each of the six packs are filled with a pre-measured amount of the powerful cleaner, that when mixed with tap water produces a commercial grade cleaner. Just follow the mixing instructions on the package and you will have a bottle of cleaner.




The single, reusable plastic bottle holds up to 32 oz. of cleaner and the heavy duty, all nylon trigger sprayer is strong enough to hold up longer than most spray cleaners on the market. Thanks to the reusable bottle you will not need keep buying more cleaner when it runs out.  Cuts down on waste, no more tossing out of empty plastic bottles when the cleaner runs out. No more nasty ammonia smell associated with many glass cleaners on the market. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can request a full refund.




Benefits of Using Greenwald’s Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner Kit


  • Cleans all glass surfaces without leaving streaks or residue
  • Commercial grade cleaner
  • Concentrated cleaner
  • Saves space in your cleaning cupboard
  • Kit comes with enough concentrate for six 32 oz. spray bottles


My Final Thoughts


I had a really big cleaning job to tackle coming up and I knew that I would have get to a bunch of cleaning supplies. So instead of running out to the store, which I did not have time to do, I went looking online. I ended up at Amazon and found exactly what I was looking for.


I found all of the cleaning supplies including the perfect glass cleaner. I found the Greenwald’s Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner Kit. What I liked the most was that it came in a concentrate and I was able to mix it with water with little trouble.


The cleaner was absolutely loved the way it cleaned, it cut through even the dirtiest, grimiest windows and never streaked. The trigger spray was amazing, it didn’t feel cheap at all.


If you are looking for a high quality, commercial grade glass and hard surface cleaner capable of cutting through even the toughest grease and grime, without leaving streaks or residue. Just click here and see it for yourself.


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  • Emily Endrizzi

    This sounds great. We just moved into a new townhouse and despite it being cleaned after the last people moved out, there is still a lot of cleaning that needs to be done. I could have really used this earlier today when I was scrubbing windows!

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