Nomex Heat Blocker Pro Oven Gloves #ovengloves

Nomex Oven Gloves


If you’re anything like I am in the kitchen, you know all too well the sting of a pan that is just slightly hotter than your oven mitt can handle. You’ve probably also been in the same position as me when you have a regular oven mitt and you just can’t seem to grip that heavy pot, pan, or skillet as well as you need to. Ever dumped an entire pot of spaghetti into the sink on accident because you couldn’t get your grip around the hot handle just right?




No matter what your kitchen horror story might be, I guarantee that these oven gloves are going to make sure that you never have to repeat any of those disasters. I cook for my entire family a lot. I’m talking mom, step-dad, step-brother, husband, real brother, sister-in-law, and their kids. Cornbread is a staple in this family, and let me tell you that pulling out the size cast iron skillet I have to have to make enough cornbread for us all is no easy feat. With the Nomex Heat Blocker Pro gloves, I have never had a problem. Instead of having to just hold the handle with my oven mitt and hope for the best, I can grip both sides of the skillet without having to worry about burning myself!




I’m not the griller in our family, but my husband swears up and down that he’s never been able to grill with more ease or confidence than he does with these gloves. Half the time, he doesn’t even use a utensil! He’ll just grab the burgers and flip them himself! That’s okay, though, you know why?




These babies are machine washable – and that makes them even more valuable in my book. If I can’t put it in my washing machine, it’s generally no use to me. I certainly don’t have time for hand-washing things, and I definitely don’t have time for products that don’t work. I’ve not had to worry about either of those with these gloves. They truly are amazing.




It’s not enough that they are so heat resistant, though. I wouldn’t have a bit of use for gloves that didn’t help my grip. You ever tried to carry a really heavy casserole dish with an oven mitt made of simple fibers? It’s hard, isn’t it? These Heat Blocker Pro gloves are coated with silicone dots on both sides so you can be sure of your grip before pulling that heavy pan out of the oven.




They’re amazing, honestly. Even my husband loves them – and getting that man to admit to liking anything is a feat in and of itself!


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  1. Debbie Tether says:

    I need to buy a second pair of these Heat Blocker Pro gloves. They are the best gloves ever for oven and outdoor grill or smoker use. Do you sell them or can you tell me where I can buy them??

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