Neon Glow In The Dark Body Paint

Neon Glow In The Dark Body Paint

Neon Glow in the Dark Body Paint 

I’m pretty new to the world of UV paint, so I was traditionally a little nervous. I was worried that the paint would stain my clothes or my skin. However, after looking at the reviews and the detailed product description, I was assured that this paint will not stain anything and comes out quite easily. Knowing that I wanted more than just one color, this seemed to be a perfect fit for my needs. I purchased the body paint and it arrived at my doorstep within a day or two.




Man, this paint is awesome. The assortment of body paint included colors of yellow, blue, pink, green, orange, and red, and each color was bright and beautiful. My daughter and I used it this weekend and it is awesome.




Like I said, I’m new to body paint, but this paint seemed amazing. It appeared to glow brighter than anyone else’s body paint under the UV light and helped us stand out all night long. The price was quite competitive with other paints, but worked better than any other paint.





If you’re looking for an affordable body paint that is not only bright, but also easily comes out of clothes and your skin, I highly recommend this neon body paint. This would be totally awesome for persons at concerts or other outdoor evening events.  So much additional fun.




I highly recommend not wearing a white shirt.  The darker the clothing – the better.  There are six colors – however, as I was trying to take photos of the bottles prior to using – the blue fell three stories to its death.  I mourned for about ten minutes but then returned to the other five.  After all they needed me too.


Neon Body Paint


And just a reminder that you do need a black light to see the paint.


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