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I have tried so many diets to lose that extra weight around my tummy. I’ve tried fasting. I’ve tried taking meat out of my daily food intake. I’ve even gone vegan in the hopes that eating all natural foods would help. I walk every day and do so many sit ups that it’s almost ridiculous. I thought nothing was going to work. I thought I was going to be stuck with that little “spare tire,” as some people affectionately call it, forever.

That was until I decide to try Appethyl. At first, I was more than skeptical. After all, I’d eaten so much spinach in my journey through healthy eating that I figured if it was going to do anything, it would have done it by now. After a little research, I learned that we don’t have the types of enzymes we need to break down spinach to get at the really good stuff inside of it like natural herbivores do.




Since the product is vegan, I gave it a go, but I wasn’t expecting much. I didn’t think just losing a few calories a day was going to make any difference, but Appethyl ended up doing so much more than that. I didn’t just lose a few calories per meal – I started losing my spare tire!

When you take the Appethyl, you don’t feel anything, which really is the beauty of it all. I put it in a glass of juice, just in case there was some kind of after taste or something, and then ate my normal breakfast. A few hours later, I realized it was supposed to be time for my lunch, and I wasn’t even hungry! I don’t think skipping meals is a great idea, so I just munched on an apple to get a little nutrition, but that was all I needed and wanted. It was amazing. When dinner came, I was hungry, but not in the same ravenous way that meant I would eat more than I should. Once I was full, I stopped, because I didn’t have the urge to be sated like I normally do. And those snacks I would sneak just before bed? I just didn’t want them.

Appethyl is a wonderful product. It’s natural. It’s organic. It’s vegan! Best of all, it works. I’ve been taking it for a few weeks now, and I can already see and feel the difference.  The one drawback is the taste – although it works, the taste is just a lot to get through.


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