AlphaShades Car Shade #AlphaShades – Leather Seats No longer Too Hot To Sit On

Alphashades Car Shade

AlphaShades Car Shade For Summer’s Hot Days


If you’ve read any reviews of this product, you’d quickly realize how much everyone is loving this sunshade for your car. If you live anywhere that receives quite a bit of the suns rays, you definitely want to consider getting a sunshade for the interior of your car.  As you can see by my daughter’s face – the sun is bright bright bright today and this car shade is going to save us from burning our legs on the leather seats.





I’ve been using this windshield sunshade for a couple weeks now and absolutely love it. If you’ve never used something like this before, you need to start. Immediately! You no longer have to burn your hands or body on the hot leather when getting back into your car. This windshield sunshade helps to protect the interior of your car as well!




I love how easy it is to take out or store this product. It’s beyond simple and takes less than 4 seconds to do either action mentioned. Plus it folds into a really small size and can fit anywhere!

If you are interested in getting a new sunshade, but don’t want to buy a low-quality product, I highly recommend checking out this specific sunshade. The product is made from truly high-quality material and is really easy for folding and storing. You cannot go wrong with this product!

10/10 highly recommended to all!


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