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8 in 1 Key Multi-Tool #mycldbrands

8 in 1 key multitool


I’ve been looking for a minimal-styled tool that I could throw on my keychain for quite some time. I previously had a different looking tool on my chain but I lost it months ago.




Throughout the internet, people seemed to be raving about this eight in one key tool. Being made from high quality materials, this specific tool can be used for virtually anything. This nifty little tool is perfect for any situation, coming packed with: tweezers, multiple screwdrivers, thread knife, nail file, and bottle opener, finger nail cleaner, eye-glass screwdriver, and so much more!




I cannot tell you how useful this little tool is and how many times you’ll end up using this tool in your daily routines.  My key folds up right inside this tool so it takes up barely any additional space.  So far I have used it to fix a seatbelt in my car, assemble a bike rack and today – we went hiking up at Acadia National Park and I used the tools simply to dig the rocks out of the crevices in my sneakers…I finished the hike a great deal more comfortable!

The tool also comes with a survival guide eBook and it’s really a good read.

So, All-in-all, if you’re looking for a high quality multi-use tool that is minimal and you can put on your keychain, I highly recommend this tool. For the price, you seriously cannot go wrong.  This little tool rocks!


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