Blissful Being Tranquility Eye Pillow #BlissfulBeing

Tranquility Eye Pillow by Blissful Being



Tranquility Eye Pillow


There has been so much stress in our lives during the last six months – relaxation has been elusive for sure.  This eye pillow is made from a silky fabric that is so soft and comfortable.  It is lavender scented and designed to relieve pressure and soothe tensions.  It blocks out the light and the lavender promotes relaxation.


Blissful Being


My mother in law has been using this by freezing it by simply placing it in a freezer bag for several hours.  Then she lays down with it covering her eyes until she can relax and go to sleep.  We have purple but it is also available in other colors.


It can also be heated for 30 seconds if you prefer heat therapy.  Simply place over eyes and relax.




This is the easiest thing to use and do to try and relax and/or get rid of headaches.


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