Ombir Pro Multitool by #Vodiy

Ombir Pro Multitool by Vodiy



Ombir Pro Multitool


I never really had an urge to own or purchase a multi tool before. That is until my stepson came home and I need to repair something on my care – he whipped out his multi tool; then I needed to build a bike rack – he pulled it out again. Meanwhile I am still scrambling to find where we even have our toolbox (at the RV). Right then and there I decided I had to have this. It has 25 tools – if my crisis can’t be solved by something in this tool then it probably needs far more than what I am capable of anyway. It is as compact as a device like this can be; has its own case; multiple screwdriver tips and so much more. It is only 9 ounces but that is enough additional weight in my purse to make it a little heavier than I’d like but I moved other things out – this was far too important not to carry with me. I could use a pair of scissors – but I am sure the tools it does have can be used as an alternative for just about anything I would need. This is especially handy for me because we do camp, hike, fish, bike and just about everything else on land or water.




If you have been trying to find the perfect multi-tool for your needs, look no further as Vodiy offers Ombir Pro as the most versatile and efficient tool that delivers superior value for your money.  Whether you are camping, fixing the car, working around the house or any other task – this multi-tool is for you.  Having this with you insures that you always have the tools you need in a critical or routine situation.


Check out all the tools:

• Needle-nose Pliers
• Wire Cutter
• Wire Stripper
• Straight Long Blade
• Phillips Screwdriver
• Flathead Screwdriver
• Bottle Opener
• Can Opener
• Saw
• Awl
• Double Sided File
• 11 Separate Attachable Bits:

• 3 Philips Screwdriver Bits
• 3 Flathead Screwdriver Bits
• 5 Hex Key Bits


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