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iCoffee Single Serve Coffee Brewers – Starting The Day Of RIGHT!

iCoffee Single Serve Coffee Brewers

iCoffee Single Serve Coffee Brewers

The iCoffee Single Serve Coffee Brewers came about when Bruce Burrows was looking for a way to get more of the full coffee flavor out of current single K-cup’s on the market. What he came up with is two unique innovations that are at the heart of his four new coffee brewers. The two technologies SpinBrew™ and SteamBrew work with single cup brewers and multi-cup brewers, respectively.

The SpinBrew™ works with all of the K-cups on the market to get the most flavor out of each and deliver it to your cup. The SteamBrew works with their multi-cup coffee brewer. The result is a much smoother taste that will surely rival that of any local coffee shop.

All of their products have been developed to be easy to use and look great sitting on your kitchen counter or wherever you plan to put it.


Key features of the iCoffee Single Serve Coffee Brewing System

● Combines SpinBrew and steam brewing technologies

● Works with all current K-cups on the market

● Includes four unique brewing machines

● Large, clear water reservoirs hold plenty of water

● Selectable cup size from 4-ounce up to 12-ounce cups

● Removable drip tray to accommodate taller mugs

● Energy saving auto-shutoff features





iCoffee Lines of Brewers

iCoffee created four unique coffee brewers based around their SpinBrew™ and steam technology. They developed a way to get the most flavor in every cup of brewed coffee without having to re-engineer the K-cup. Each of the four coffee brewers work with all of the current K-cups on the market.





The iCoffee Dial-A-Brew single cup brew system comes in two different models Opus™ RSS600-OPS and Mozart™ RSS500-MOZ. Both brewers have an unique dial that allows you to select what size of cup you want. It features an easy to read, blue LCD display that shows the size of the cup in ounces and is incremented in ½-ounce amounts. You have the ability to choose a size from 4-ounces up to 12-ounces.

Both the Opus and Mozart will accept any of the current K-cups on the market. No need to search for a special type of K-cup to work with them. They both have iCoffee’s SafetyLock™ system that keeps the brewing head closed so to prevent any accidental injury.




One Touch Brew

iCoffee’s One Touch Brew system the DaVinci™ RSS300-DAV is a simple operate coffee brewer that makes a single cup of coffee in a variety of sizes and only requires you to push a single button. The water reservoir holds up to 55-ounces of water and the water level indicator alerts you to when the water level is low.

All you need to do load your favorite variety of K-cup into the holder and select the amount of coffee you want from 4-ounces up to 12-ounces and push the button. The SafetyLock™ system keeps the brew holder in place throughout brewing process so that it cannot be opened. This will keep you safe from any accidental injury.




Pour’n Brew™

The Pour’n Brew coffee brewer incorporates iCoffee’s SpinBrew™ technology and steam and injects it into the K-cup in order to get the most flavor out of each and every cup. The Express Brewer RSS100-EXP is a feature filled machine that is easy to operate. You simply load your favorite K-cup into the machine and pour the required amount of water into the machine and select the size of cup you want.

You don’t need to worry about having to buy a special type of K-cups for your iCoffee Express machine as it works all of the current K-cups on the market. It has an energy-saving auto shutoff feature to help save you money on your utility bill. Also for safety, the SafetyLock™ system keeps the door closed during the brewing process.





The iCoffee SteamBrew RCB100 is an unique multi-cup coffee brewer that combines both of iCoffee’s SpinBrew and SteamBrew technologies into one coffee brewing machine. The SteamBrew system will make up to 12 cups of steaming hot coffee. Using six individual water jets the coffee in the basket is spun and along with the steam it extracts as much as the smooth flavor out of the coffee. It has a unique see-through window so you can watch as it is brewing.

You can use any variety of coffee grounds you want by placing them into the basket inside the top. Fill the carafe with water up to the amount of coffee you want to brew and pour it into the top of the brewer. Then push the brew button and in a short time you will have the best tasting coffee.

For those times you want a fresh pot of brewed coffee ready for you when you wake up or get home from a busy day at work, you can load the water and coffee grounds and set the timer.




My Final Thoughts

I have been drinking coffee for most of my life and I just have to have a cup in the morning before I get in the car to drive to work. Unfortunately, that means either I or my husband has to brew a pot in the morning to be able to have the freshest cup. After doing this for so many years it really got old, so when the single cup coffee makers and the K-cup hit the market, I was really tempted to buy one. Thankfully I waited a while and found the iCoffee Single Serve Coffee Brewing System.

This system will revolutionize the concept of brewing one cup of coffee at a time. The addition of their spinning and steam technologies into every brew machine delivers the most flavor from every K-cup (works with all current K-cups on the market) and the result is a superior cup of coffee.

Each of the four iCoffee Coffee Brewers have unique features that all work in concert to deliver the best possible result, cup after cup. So, no matter how you prefer to make you coffee there is a iCoffee machine just for you.

If you want to see more information and find out where you can get one for yourself, just click here.


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