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Do you travel?  Would you like to travel?  We travel alot but are on a constant search for ways to cut our expenses for such travel.  In addition to that we have five kids ranging in age from 10-28 – four of which has significant special needs.  It is not uncommon for us to book some sort of elaborate trip, only to have to cancel at the last minute due to these special needs or to some sort of medical emergency with my inlaws who also live with us.  Sometimes we get some of our money back but all too often – the money is gone forever.  This year has been a huge year for lost money on trips and activities.


Now that I know about Allianz Travel Insurance, I can avoid this happening again!   It is an excellent value for the peace of mind it can provide – no longer worried about potential lost vacation funds.  Allianz Travel Insurance will refund a customer’s pre-paid travel deposits if they have to cancel a vacation for any reason covered by their policy and they are a leading travel insurance company that provides travelers with financial protection and 24/7 travel assistance.


Mount Washington
Mount Washington



Allianz Global Assistance can help travelers with medical emergencies, travel issues, and more.  Again with special needs children – you never know when there will be a medical emergency.  On our last trip alone paramedics and a doctor needed to be called on site for my 10 year old daughter.   Allianz Travel Insurance  has the right policy for you and they are available 24/7/365.   I find their constant availability very reassuring and I am now looking at travel opportunities that I may not have considered. And I know they have our back because they have 60 years of experience helping travelers just like me.

Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park


Allianz Global Assistance can help with travelers with coverage in 1,760 hospitals in over 500 cities and 130 countries!  They handle 23 million cases per year with 250 million people and over 52 million calls.  That is ALOT of experience.




Each year since 2009, Allianz Travel Insurance has conducted its Vacation Confidence Index Survey. This year’s survey found that more Americans will travel, but plan to spend less on their trips in 2015. This year’s survey suggests that consumers are eager to save money on their summer travel and will be looking for trips that offer the best possible value, as well as opportunities to utilize the sharing economy to save money.


Portland maine

There are so many services that Allianz Travel Insurance can help with but we are always concerned with medical assistance.  Here is a sample of what they can assist with:

  • Medical Triage with Referrals to Local Medical Provider
  • On-going Medical Monitoring
  • Payment Guarantee
  • Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Return of Unattended Dependents
  • Transportation of Family Member to Bedside
  • Prescription Replacement
  • Repatriation
  • Repatriation of Remains
  • Personal Effects Collection and Return



They also have a Travel Smart App!


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