The Ultimate Card Magic Trick Set #TheUltimateCardMagicTrick

The Ultimate Card Magic Trick Set


The world around us is a very amazing and wonderful place. With this in mind it is no wonder that so many are fascinated by the thought of magic, whether in the physical form or in the way of fantasy. Day after day a new form of magical entertainment will emerge speaking to the child in all of us. It was Harry Houdini that said, “I am a great admire of mystery and magic. Look at this life, all mystery and magic.” It would be a great shame to see that mystery and magic turn into nothing but ash when it should be a bright burning flame in all of our lives.





Magic Makers, feels the same and is doing something to keep that flame alive with their product the Ultimate Card Magic Kit. Every want to be Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, or Criss Angel must start somewhere before attempting to swallow a sword. This is the ultimate magician starter kit for any age. The kit contains 170 magic tricks to get the mental juices flowing. It will keep you entertained for hours on end while you focus on mastering each and everyone to impress the audiences around you.


When you do get to the point of putting on a show do not fret about having the right equipment. The Ultimate Card Magic Kit even comes with the classic Bicycle Deck that you see almost all magicians using and a Professional Performance Pad to set just the right mood on your stage. This set is great for kids and adults of all ages. The instructor Simon Lovel, is a card expert that knows how to break the tricks down so you can learn them in minutes. By the end of this 6 volume set by Magic Makers you will be able to do everything from easy Card Controls, False Shuffles, Color Changes, and much much more including one of the most sot after tricks in the business, Prediction Effects. After all who wouldn’t want to wow their family and friends be making it seem like they reached into their mind and plucked the answer they wanted right out of it with no effort at all?





You will go from a beginner level magician to an expert by the time you reach the end of the Ultimate Card Magic Kit. Now once you do reach the end don’t you worry for the fun keeps coming with access to free online tricks for you to master as well. Don’t let the magic in the world die, do your part and pick up your Ultimate Card Magic Kit by Magic Makers today.


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