Sands Alive Glow Sand Starter Set – Fun for the whole family

Sands Alive Glow Sand Starter Set


Sands Alive Glow Sand Starter Set

The Sands Alive Glow Sand Starter Set is a box full of amazement that will lead to hours and hours of fun. While it may look like just a bag of sand, flashlight and a funky pair of glasses at first, that will all change when the lights go out. All it needs is your child’s imagination to bring it to life.


The sand is very smooth and it can be molded in an endless amount of shapes. However the real fun begins when they turn on the UV pen. The light from the pen activates the glow in the dark properties in the sand and wherever the light touch the sand will glow when the lights are out.


The special glasses were fitted with two UV lights and they can be used “hands-free” so that your child can use light and both hands at the same time.


Benefits of the Sands Alive Glow Starter Set

● Delivers hours of safe fun for kids

● It can be used over and over again

● It is a good way to encourage creativity in your child

● It can be safely used indoors

● UV light simulates the exposure to sunlight on the sand

● Fun for people of all ages


My Final Thoughts


As a parent it is my responsibility to provide my children with the right things to play with. However that is not always easy to do with all of the options that are available. I want to be able to give them things that are both enjoyable and creative at the same time, this is why I tend to lean more toward art and crafts.


When saw the Sands Alive Glow Sand Starter Set online I was very intrigued and thought it might be something my kids would enjoy. They have responded quite well to other toys that involved the element of glowing objects when they were younger, now that they are older I was hoping it would spark an interest in learning more about how it works.


So I bought and gave it to my kids one day when they were stuck inside due to bad weather outside. The idea of glow-in-the-dark sand made them laugh at first, but it instantly became cool when they turned out the light. They started drawing designs with the UV pen and then checking out what they did. It was an instant hit and they ended playing with it for several hours and did not seem to even miss going outside.

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9 thoughts on “Sands Alive Glow Sand Starter Set – Fun for the whole family

  1. Debbie Welchert says:

    This sounds like it would be pretty fun to play with. I know my grandchildren would love making things and seeing them glow in the dark.

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