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HandsOn Gloves - Equine & Canine Grooming and Deshedding Gloves


HandsOn Gloves – Equine and Canine Grooming

No more worries about dropping the brush the next time you are washing and brushing your horse or dog. Using the new HandsOn Gloves-Equine and Canine Grooming glove you can use them from start to finish for both bathing them and brushing them down to remove loose hair/fur. The whole palm side of the gloves are covered with raised rubber nodules, these nodules both trap the loose hair/fur as you move across your animal and it massages and stimulates the release of natural oils in their skin to leave their coat extra shiny and smooth.


Benefits of using HandsOn Gloves- Equine and Canine Grooming

● Comes in both medium and large sizes to fit most hand sizes

● Rubber nodules both trap loose fur/hair and deliver an enjoyable massage

● Can be used both wet and dry

● Cleaning is easy to accomplish


Whether you are talking about a horse or the family dog, grooming is a very important part of owning an animal. One of the best ways to bond with your horse is to give them a regular brushing down, the same can be said about your family dog.


Dogs normally shed their coat at specific times of the year depending on the breed, horses on the other hand, need to be brushed regularly to keep their hair shiny and healthy. When it comes to brushing their coat, using the right equipment can make all the difference. I was introduced to an amazing grooming product from a friend, it is called the HandsOn Gloves- Equine and Canine Grooming and I am so glad they did.


The HandsOn Glove makes brushing any horse or dog a snap and very enjoyable for them. These gloves are designed to be used either dry or wet and are very comfortable on the hands. The combination of an all rubber palm and finger surface with dozens of tiny nodules for catching the loose hair/fur that is trapped in their coat and the nodules also act like tiny little stimulators giving them a massage as you are rubbing them down.


Since I have a short haired dog who is part Labrador she has a short coat, but she sheds like crazy. I decided to try out the HandsOn Gloves-Equine and Canine Grooming glove for myself and I am so glad I did, she really enjoys our brushing sessions, much more than she had before. What I really like is that they are easy to use and I can use them when bathing her as well. I would definitely recommend the HandsOn Gloves- Equine and Canine Grooming for all dog owners for sure. Just click here to see them for yourself.

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