Just in Time for the Holidays – Get $50 Worth of 100% FREE Clothing #FREE – No Strings Attached



Seriously folks if you haven’t done this deal yet you really need to. Totally FREE clothes from Schoola.com! Lots and lots of them. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of clothing.

Order your FREE FREE Totally FREE clothes now! There is no catch. Totally FREE.

You can actually get $50 worth of clothes (women and kids) absolutely free right now and I just did it.
This is for real – you actually can get $50 of free clothes on this site!!  This is a second hand clothing site with major retail labels.  If you were to buy these clothes brand new it could be 75% higher.  But you get $50 free off the discounted prices.  See how…



First, click below to sign up and create a new account – that will apply a $15 credit to your account (you won’t see it until you fill your cart).


Second, click at the top left on collections and click “create a collection”. All you have to do is name it and add one item (any item), and that will give you another $10 credit.


Next fill your cart up with $50 of clothing or other items.


Lastly, go to your cart and enter APPORTUNITY as the coupon code which will take 50% off. 


You should now see the $25 worth of discounts plus an additional $25 off for the 50% discount.  Your purchase will be totally free WITH free shipping! The clothes are secondhand so they are less expensive too! It does ask you to put in your credit card information or paypal –  but the total is $0!

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