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USB Rechargeable Rear Bicycle Tail Light #rearbikelight

USB Rechargeable Rear Bicycle Tail Light


Night ProVision™ High Powered Rear Bike Tail Light

The Night ProVision™ High Powered Rear Bike Light is the latest in bicycle safety on market today. It can be easily mounted to back of any bike, baby stroller or even a backpack. It has an ultrabright red LED light and can easily handle almost any elements. It is constructed of all lightweight materials and will prevent water and shock from damaging the light.

The body of the light is made from aircraft grade aluminum and is sealed with an o-ring to keep out any moisture. The seal will also protect bulb from any shock and prevent damage to the bulb. The LED bulb is powered by a single, non-replaceable, rechargeable battery and should deliver up to 50 hours of continuous light.

The attached strap makes it so that it can not only be mounted on a bicycle, but it can add an extra layer of protection when strapped to other things. The strap make it easy to attach and then remove the light.

Benefits of using the Night ProVision™ High Powered Rear Bike Light

● Multipurpose LED Light

● Shockproof, waterproof construction

● Quick charge, non-replaceable, rechargeable battery

● Long life, high-intensity red safety light

● Three modes of operation; strobe, low and high



My family and I like outdoors, so we spend as much time outside biking, hiking and other stuff as a family. Some of our bike rides have taken us far distances from the house and often includes riding at dusk. We always take safety precautions like helmets and wear bright clothing with reflective strips.


We recently added an extra layer of protection on each of our bikes with the Night ProVision™ High Powered Rear Bike Light. A good friend of ours recommended it so we checked it out, the light was extremely easy to attach to back of our bikes using the mounting strap.


We really love how bright it is and it gives us all peace mind knowing that cars coming up from behind us can see we are there. The special quick-release strap makes it easy to attach it to a wide range of objects besides your bike. It can be put on a backpack, baby stroller and even a bicycle helmet to provide an extra layer of safety.


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