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Candide Baby Seasonal Bamboo Mattress – The Ultimate Comfort Mattress


Candide Baby Seasonal Bamboo Mattress
Every parent knows the struggle of getting their child to get to sleep and stay asleep. Especially with newborns, getting them to sleep, even for a couple of hours, is a blessing. With the Candide Baby Seasonal Bamboo Mattress, you can ensure your child is at least comfortable when they do.

Candide is a French Company that specializes in child care products and accessories. Their products can be found in stores around the U.S. including Babies R Us and online through Amazon. Their top-of-the-line bamboo mattress comes complete with a cover made of a viscose shell that allows your baby to stay cool throughout the night. Your child may have trouble sleeping due to discomfort and the Bamboo Mattress is made specifically to provide the comfort your child needs.


During the winter, parents can flip the mattress to the side with the polyester padding to keep their child warm while they sleep and in the summer, flip to the opposite side, without padding, to allow their baby to stay cool. The cover is removable and machine washable, and easily slips right on and off to be cleaned easily and quickly. On top of all this, the product retails for about $160 at Babies R Us and is currently on sale from $199, which is a great bargain considering everything the mattress provides. I would strongly recommend the product to Parents with children who have very sensitive skin as well. Many mattresses are rough and can irritate the skin on their baby’s hands and face but this product is made specifically anti-bacterial and anti-mite free which makes it perfect for children with sensitive skin and newborn babies.

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You, as a parent, want to make sure your children is comfortable and safe, and with the Candide Baby Seasonal Bamboo Mattress, you can finally relax during the night, as you know your child is safe, relaxed, and at peace for the night.

Now what am I using it for?  Believe it or not – not an infant.  I have a 10 year old daughter who has special needs and sensitivity issues.  I can’t get her to sleep in her bed to save her soul.  But I find her sleeping on the floor all the time.  I wanted to give her something that allowed her that flexibility but also provided her with some comfort.  She has now been sleeping well every single night – on her new seasonal bamboo mattress.  I even laid on it to see how it feels and I would absolutely love a king size version of this mattress.  It is nice and firm (but not as firm as the floor she had been sleeping on) and incredibly comfortable!

And you can find this awesome mattress at!

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