Superfood Protein and Greens #americansuperfood

American All Natural Superfood


American All Natural Superfood Protein and Greens 

This amazing product came about from a simple conversation between Creator Chris and his wife Susan. His wife became concerned with his lack of energy and his constant exhaustion. All he thought was he was getting old!  She told him about a “green powder”  she had been using and he gave it a shot. Well to be blunt it made him feel a trillion times better! It gave him all the energy,painlessness, and mental clarity he needed but it tasted horrific! That’s when he realized the true cause of his lack of energy- he felt sick because of what he was putting in his body! He ate too much junk and fast food to have any real energy! He ran into his friend who was a doctor and surprisingly he too drank this nasty tasting (but helpful) green drink! That’s when a lightbulb went off in his head! Why didn’t he and the doctor create a drink that not only tasted great but helped people have more energy and maybe even aid in weight loss? Together they created a team! Doctor Conrad was the advisor. He reviewed the medical facts while they created a product that their families and friends could be proud of! They decided to create an all natural superfood drink that combined the necessary protein to help strengthen your body so it can function the way it should, greens and veggies to support all the missing vitamins and minerals your body may not be getting, turmeric and cinnamon to relieve creaky and painful joints, sea vegetables to provide the essential nutrients and minerals for better heart health, flaxseed and chia for brain rejuvenating omega 3s, and probiotics and enzymes to boost the body’s immune system and help with digestion. This product is guaranteed to be GMO free with zero sugar and a great taste!


I have always battled with low levels of protein and essential nutrients! I hated all the drinks I had in the paste – no matter what I mixed them with I couldn’t handle the taste.  It soon became more of a dreaded chore than anything else. I was very skeptical when I tried this product. I expected it to taste nasty and chalky like every other drink I have tried. But to my surprise it didn’t!! It was absolutely amazing and had the best vanilla flavor. I didn’t have to mix it with anything but water to get the taste I wanted and I ended up wanting to constantly have a drink made!


I recommend this to anyone who is low on the energy they need but can’t stand the traditional taste of those powdered sugar drinks. You will love the taste of this all natural miracle while getting everything you need to make it through your day.


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