Honey Maid Helps Us Celebrate Our Family With Chocolate Chip LOVE! #ThisisWholesome #CG

Honey Maid Helps Us Celebrate Our Family With Chocolate Chip Love


Honey Maid has long recognized and celebrated that while the makeup and day-to-day lives of families have evolved, the idea and importance of wholesome family connections remains the same.  Our family is just about as “non traditional” as a family can get.


To illustrate:

My husband and I (that’s a good start so far).

He has two children from a previous marriage – they are in their upper 20s and we have been married for 25 years.  I have been a part of their lives since they were 1 and 3.  They are my stepchildren but most definitely just as much my family as his.  Maybe not legally but certainly from an emotion and responsibility perspective.

Then we have three adopted children.  Two have the same mother, different fathers and the third is from a different household altogether.  What is family?  Their biological parents?  Their biological siblings?  What about spouses of their biological parents?  What about the adoptive families of their biological siblings?  And all the other adopted siblings in those homes?

How do all of these relationships impact our definition of family?  Consider my youngest two children – they see their biological siblings.  Two are in one adoptive home and one is with his biological mother – their biological mother.  We visit their biological mother – they do not call her mom, although they are old enough to now understand who she is.  They are sure her son is their sibling (different dads).  But how can that be?  And the older two biological siblings live together with a family with two biological kids, them and another adopted (unrelated) child.  We visit the siblings here too.  So if “J” and “A” are their brother and sisters, then how can “R”, “R” and “S” not be?  And how is it that their biological siblings have different moms?  And different last names?  Are we all family?

These are all things that you have to figure out through your life process with adoption.  When you are researching and learning about adoption – you don’t get down to these details.  You have to live them to try and decipher them.

Go ahead and ask my kids how many brothers and sisters they have and they may just look at you like they don’t know – because in reality they don’t.  Do you mean in our house?  Do you mean under mom and dad (my husband and I)?  Do you mean under all the different moms (including my stepsons mom)?  Do you mean all that they know?  Or does that include the entire host of other children from all the different fathers who are biological yet we will probably never know them or even how many there are.  Their answers could be 1,2, 4, 6, 8, 11 or I have no clue!

Family is a very confusing topic for me,  how can we expect the kids to ever make head’s or tail’s about it.  And what does our family look like to an outsider?  I have sat down a million times to try and create some sort of family tree.  I will need an entire database.

People that know me often wonder how I just can never seem to find the time to do some of the things I need to.  Well, with “family” members all in different places, all over the state – I am traveling for some sort of visit all of the time.


Honey Maid celebrates all families – no matter what they look like, no matter where they live and no matter how or why they come to be.  And how do we celebrate when we are together as family?  With food and today – we have a Honey Maid dessert to share – We call it Chocolate Chip LOVE…


Chocolate Chip Love Ingredients


For this recipe you need:

Honey Maid Graham Crackers (honey flavored)

One box (two are in the photo but you only use one) of vanilla instant jello pudding

Large container of Cool Whip

One cup of milk (we use Lactaid – we all have intolerances)

Milk chocolate chip morsels


Chocolate Chip Love


Mix one box of pudding mix with the full container of Cool Whip and a cup of milk – let sit for about 10 minutes to thicken up a little.  Then basically layer like a lasagna – 1. Pudding mixture 2. Honey Maid Graham Crackers 3. Chocolate chip morsels 4. REPEAT.

Freeze for about 5 hours.  Slice and serve!


Check out this Honey Maid Video – How To Make Very Berry “Cheesecakes”


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Lorane says:

    Great Post .. Family to me is anywhere there is love and a strong bond among individuals. I like the Honey Maid brand and this is a delicious looking dessert

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