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CatPlus Hip and Joint Supplement Tablets #catplustablets

CatPlus Hip and Joint Supplement


For all cat owners, you know the struggle of watching your animal suffer from pain. Especially, in cats, it’s common to see hip and joint issues or inflammation, especially in older cats. Many pain medications are unhealthy and even dangerous for your animal, but the PeachyDog, CatPlus supplements are all natural and 100% safe. These hip and joint supplements are meant to reduce inflammation and improve overall comfort. For cats who have recently had joint related surgery, the supplements will prove to be helpful and even cats who are completely healthy should take the supplement, since it promotes good hair, nails, and metabolism.

Ingredients include: Glucosamine which builds cartilage; Chondroitin which helps prevent stress and injuries which building connective tissue; MSM which acts like an antioxidant and maintains flexibility of the cell membrane; Hyaluronic acid which acts like a cushioning agent for joints and nerves while hydrating them; and Omega 3 to 6 which are essential to brain development and wound healing. Other ingredients include a berry blend which provides a source of antioxidants to help prevent cell damage and vitamin C which produces collagen to build skin, cartilage, and ligaments.

For cats 0-10 pounds, half a tablet is recommended on a daily dose and one tablet is recommended for cats weighing 11-39 pounds. For the first three weeks, the tablet dosage is increased, so depending on the weight of your pet, they may be required to take one or two full tablets.

PeachyDog is a small, family owned company. When buying from them, they ensure their buyers feel a sense of security and personal attachment rather than buying from a brand name company.  When buying from them, the owners will personally respond to you and answer any questions you may have. It truly is a personal business with your pet’s best interests in mind. Their product is 100% safe with human grade ingredients that are non-GMO, gluten free, and natural. These supplements are FDA approved and Vet approved, so they are perfectly healthy for your animal to take. The packaging is also bio-degradable and eco-friendly. The company is honest and reliable and when buying supplements, PeachyDog has natural, safe, and effective ones for a bargain!

The product retails for $19.96 on but when you buy two or more bottles, you receive free shipping on your order! The price is relatively cheap, and the product itself definitely competes with some brand names. Our pets are a great concern and all pet owners want their animals to be as healthy as possible. Whether your feline suffers from joint and hip problems currently, or you wish to prevent them in the future, consider the PeachyDog CatPlus joint supplements to keep a healthy and happy cat!


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