Need a Sweet Swaps™ Idea? Try Sweet as Sugar Cookies With SPLENDA® Blend #SplendaHoliday #ad

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12 Responses

  1. Deb E says:

    I’ve not tried baking with Splenda yet, but good to know you can get it at Walmart. Using cookie cutters takes so much time. I like your muffin tin method for a quicker option.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I bake with Splenda all the time. I Love it because it tastes exactly like sugar 🙂

  3. I’ll be trying your muffin pan method for sure! I love sugar cookies, but they can take a lot of time to make with cookie cutters. I’m a no-frosting-fan too!

  4. Milena says:

    Wow! I have never used a muffin pan for cookies. I need to give that and Splenda a try!

  5. Sugar cookies are everything during the holidays! I never get sick of them! These look yum!

  6. So my daughter was sitting beside me when I opened this post and now she’s busting it to the kitchen to whip up a batch! Can’t wait to have a warm cookie straight from the oven.

  7. Carol Bryant says:

    Gosh, thumps head on keyboard here – I use Splenda in tea – and so this would be great as a treat substitute for sugar

  8. Liz Mays says:

    I do love baking with Splenda so these sound great. I have to try that muffin tin trick!

  9. Trisha says:

    I’ve never baked with Splenda but I’m willing to give it a try! I think my family would enjoy these sweet as sugar cookies and I found some other recipes on the sweet Swaps sit I’d like to try too!

  10. I have been wanting to try baking with Splenda! Those cookies look great.

  11. Rosey says:

    I do love sugar cookies. This is the perfect time of year to bake them too. I think we’re going to invite the neighbors over to decorate this year. 🙂

  12. Those cookies look great! My parents love Splenda. My kids would drool over these cookies!

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