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Kid Lid – Protecting Laptop Keyboards #kidlid

Kid Lid - Protecting Laptop Keyboards


Do you have a little one at home?  If yes, then without a doubt that little one will want to use your computer.  They feel so grown up.  Now you can safely allow your little one to use your computer to watch a movie or tv show and they won’t ruin your keyboard.




My kids have ruined several of my keyboards – actually if it wasn’t my kids then it was my dogs.  When I had a regular laptop I used to replace the keyboards myself.  It is fair to say that was a task I absolutely hated but was thankful I at least could do it.  But then we switched to Mac computers.  I have no idea how to change those keyboards – or if it is even possible.  But in either case it is far to expensive to let the keyboards become damaged.


That’s where Kid Lid comes in – it turns your keyboard into a desk like surface that is tough and can stand up to the use of a young child.  This is a tremendous invention and it would have been great to have this approximately 10 years ago!


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