Ceramic Heat Straightening Brush #selabrush

Ceramic Heat Straightening Brush by Sela Beauty



This Pink Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush is 29W and digital.  It is specifically designed to be anti-scald and anti-static.  It is a heated detangling brush that instantly makes hair silky straight.





This brush heats up quickly – up to 365 degrees in 60 seconds.  It has so many safety features such as anti-scald, anti-static and auto shut-off.




The high precision ceramic panel massages my head and I find it quite relaxing.  The maximum heat is 450 degrees and it easily holds constantly at 365 degrees.




The cord is really nice – it easily rotates 360 degrees so I don’t have to worry about having it be just at the right angle  It doesn’t twist or get caught.


I love this brush – I have recently been spending a great deal of time straightening my hair but this brush makes the process so much easier.  I have very thick hair so it does take a little while but when I use a hair straightener I often struggle to get the back done the same as the sides.  With this brush everything is nice and even and makes my hair totally manageable.  Because it can heat up just as hot as my flat iron – it does seem to work well and it is so much more easy than my flat iron.


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