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It’s A Snap to Keep Our Team Organized With TeamSnap


TeamSnap keeps our team organized


For anyone who’s been involved in a sports team, club, or group whether they be a coach or a player, knows the struggle of communication. It seems ridiculous in this day and age that people still struggle with relaying information to each other but it happens….a lot! If cancellations occur, someone can’t make an event, times change, etc. it’s hard to get the notification out quickly to all members of the team. Email isn’t very effective, especially when dealing with younger kids or high school students. Texting is great, but sending the information out to a whole team isn’t practical that way either. Finally there’s an easy way to take off the stress from parents, coaches, teachers, managers, etc. to get the information out. It’s called TeamSnap.




TeamSnap is an app available through the iTunes app store or Google play store for iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets. Essentially, TeamSnap is an app to be used by sports teams or clubs for easy communication between all members of the team. A coach or parent can sign up for a 21 day FREE trial, without needing to put a credit card in, to test out the app. I downloaded the app myself and was truly impressed by the quality of it. Usually when dealing with apps on the iPhone, they can become complicated to work. But setup was easy and all the information was straightforward. It asked me my name, the name of my team, and what the team was (i.e. nonsports club, football, track, etc.) Once that information was in it asked other questions such as names of the players on my team, their age, and their contact information. Once on the app, anything a coach or parent would need to upload is right there on the home screen. A coach can put in team schedules, game dates, and results after an event.




The overall layout of the app is easy to maneuver once set up is done. The main menu has categories to click on and to input information to send out. From the main menu screen you can do virtually anything. If you need to add a player, click the Roster button. If you need to add a game or event, just click the schedule button. So really, the app is very straightforward, and all the information needed for the team or club is in one place. TeamSnap even has a new feature called TeamSnap Live! This is basically a chat room or group message for the team. I love this feature, as I think it would really come in handy to spread information fast and to allow the team to communicate very easily with each other. There is also a payment option. Once the 21 day free trial is up, coaches can easily make payments right through the app itself.




Overall, the app is most useful for sports teams, since a coach can upload team schedules, list opponents the team may be playing, and put in scores after a game. However, I think it would be just as useful for clubs to communicate with each other and even teachers to use for their classes. TeamSnap has a great feature to put in the phone numbers of your team members of their parents. This way, a coach can send notifications right to their players’ phones which makes it easy to notify if any changes occur.




TeamSnap’s goal is to make coaching or leading a team hassle free. Their goal was definitely achieved. The entire concept of the app is very innovative and very easy for those who have a smartphone or tablet. All a coach or manager would need to do is sign up and add their team. It really is as simple as that and their promise of making a hassle free experience are true. Any coach, teachers, or group leader should invest in TeamSnap. Pricing ranges from $7.99 to $17.99 per month depending on the team and how many gigabytes you’d like to buy. The price is affordable and definitely worth it for what you get in the app. Sign up today, test out the free trial, and see for yourself all that TeamSnap has to offer.


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