Apple Dumplings – Just 2 Ingredients!

2 Ingredient Apple Dumpling Dessert



A little while ago I made this awesome apple dumpling recipe.  However, that recipe took quite a while to make and I often do not have enough time to dedicated to a dessert that involved.  Most of the time I am running, running, running…   That doesn’t mean my family has to suffer though – just whip up an easier version.


I have often made “cheater” apple pies with canned pie filling.  They aren’t the same – I know that – but they are far better than nothing at all.


Because I am always on the run there are three things we always have on hand – Pillsbury biscuits, crescent dough and pizza dough.  You can make this recipe with pretty much any of them but I chose crescent dough.


Using a 13×9 pan – open two cans of apple pie filling and spread out.  My cans had different colored apples but there is nothing wrong with either.


Apple Pie filling


Then I open two cans of crescent dough and don’t unroll them.  I simply slice them up and roll each slice into a ball and place them on top of the apple pie filling.  Mix the apples pie filling and crescent dough balls all together, spread out and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 30-40 minutes.


Apple Dumplings Before Cooking


And this is what it looks like when it is done!


Apple Pie Dumplings


And we eat!



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