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Golden Platter for Better Chicken (All Natural) @goldenplatter

Golden Platter Chicken


Golden Platter


For three generations, Golden Platter has been all about providing families with healthy choices that are convenient and delicious for everyone.  They have now added a line of Gluten Free-breaded, fully cooked, 100% breast meat products. These new products are perfect for lunch for your children, serving finger food to your friends, or making a wholesome meal, our tender, flavorful juicy chicken is a quick, easy, worry free treat for absolutely anyone.




I am beginning to wean my children into a gluten free diet.  I thought about doing it cold turkey but in the end decided I didn’t want to totally shock them.  I am gradually making the change so they are less likely to even think it is a big deal and so far that plan has worked – they haven’t noticed any changes.




Now like most children they love chicken nuggets and I can’t imagine trying to remove those entirely from their diets.  Golden Platter makes transitioning easy as can be.  As soon as I opened my box (from the mail) of Golden Platter my son immediately grabbed the Frozen style and asked for it.  I immediately cooked up a batch and he was so happy to be eating it.




Why make the switch to Golden Platter?  And gluten free?  My kids have special needs and first of all – a better diet for them can’t hurt.  Secondly, their medicine makes them gain weight and a gluten free diet helps to stabilize some weight issues.  Scientific research shows that a gluten free diet can assist with weight loss, increased energy, ADD, autism, depression, IBS and epilepsy among many others.


The nuggets are allergen free, do not have artificial ingredients, hormones or preservatives and are minimally processed.  They are breaded with rice and corn flour.  And lastly – they are delicious and my kids are huge fans!


For Golden Platter recipes see HERE and Store Locator

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