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Pyoure Cleaning #ILovePyoure

Pyoure Cleaning



I am a firm believe in using products as natural as possible when it makes the most sense.  I need products that can do a decent job but are also more healthy for my family.  Although I would want to be as healthy as possible anyway – it is even more critical with my children who have special needs.  The last thing I need to do is expose them to chemicals unnecessarily.


There are so many studies that have been done over the years that detail the problems with exposure to cleaning chemicals.  Not for us if we can help it.


Pyoure Cleaning is a concentrate that is available in Coconut Lime (what I have), Winter Spice, Fragrance Free, Laundry Day, Cool Citrus Mint, Cherry Blossom, Sandalwood Apple, Sweetheart Bouquet, and White Tea and Ginger.  It is 16 fluid ounces of concentrated 7% hydrogen peroxide cleaner which dilutes to 80 fluid ounces of 1.3% hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution.


Not only do I love healthier cleaning products but a concentrate allows me to save space and only use as much as I need at any given point in time.  And for me saving space is also very important – there are ten people in our house and space is almost never available!


No harsh chemicals  
Bleach Free
No Harsh Fumes


All I need to do is mix 1 part cleaning solution with 4 equal parts water.  Then it is ready to use.


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