Mimi’s Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement 1500 Mg #MimisOmegas

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  1. B Swans says:

    This product is not “fish oil”. It is composed of fatty acid ethyl esters and is not “natural” or “pure”. You have been misled. In fact, the label is wrong. You are paying for 800 mg of EPA-EE and 600 mg DHA-EE which is not EPA or DHA expressed as the free fatty acid. As such, you have been cheated out of what the label is saying you get. For the product I purchased “Mimi’s Omegas” lot number S01519 Exp. 11/2017, the mass of the liquid in each softgel is 1.35193 g. Label claims “1500 mg” omega-3 fatty acids for two softgels i.e. 750 mg or 0.75 g of omega-3s. However, this number is for the synthetic chemical compounds of fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE) that you purchased that are not “fish oil.”

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