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Bloom Baby Sensitive Baby Wipes


I have five kids and we always relied on baby wipes.  The two youngest children have special needs and have always struggled with sensitivities and allergies.  Until about two years ago I never gave wipes a second thought – I always assumed because they were made for babies, they were 100% safe.  That is definitely not the case though – they are still not all natural.  Bloom Baby Sensitive Baby Wipes (sold at Sam’s Club) are all natural and perfect for a baby’s (child’s) sensitive skin.


A full case includes 8 packs of baby wipes which have 80 wipes per pack as we as a travel clutch to use when on the go – which we are always “on the go”.




These wipes are all natural, made with ultra pure glacier water and infused with plant-derived vitamins for natural skin protection and healing.  They are hypoallergenic.  We carry these everywhere with us for the kids and grandkids.  They aren’t just great for babies!  My youngest children use them all the time for everything – they love the way they feel and love the way the smell!


These wipes have 100% HydroPure™ water as a base for the ultimate purity and simplicity.  Since my children have so many sensitivities it is reassuring to know that these wipes have not come in contact with nuts, wheat or gluten.  I make great efforts to remove these three culprits from their diet – it would be counterproductive to use wipes that have this exposure.


Bloom Baby Jumbo Wipes Package


These wipes are made from natural fibers and are produced using wind energy and they are never tested on animal.


And best of all… I even use these because I have so many allergies and sensitivities myself.  I control the laundry soap, body soap, shampoo etc… we all use.  It makes sense to make the best decisions possible with wipes too!


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