Tuff Bear All Natural American Ginseng #AmericanGinsengCapsules

Tuff Bear All Natural American Ginseng


TUFF BEAR American Ginseng Capsules are made with 100% Natural Pure Potent Herbal Panax Quinquefolium American Wisconsin Ginseng Roots that are ground to an extract powder. These Ginseng Roots are grown in Marathon County, Wisconsin, USA.



American ginseng has been shown to provide fast-acting natural support for optimal mental focus and alertness, faster thinking and decision-making, quicker recall and overall increased clarity of mind.  I need to be able to focus all day long on my day job, all early evening on the needs of the kids/family/animals, and all night long on blogging.  I need me – cloned twice!



American ginseng has a long history of use an adaptogen known to fight fatigue and stress by supporting the adrenal glands, while also helping muscles utilize oxygen.




I take American Ginseng for its immunity boosting abilities.  Other than a simple cold prior to taking this, I have not really been sick.  A few issues with allergies here or there but none of the other issues that everyone in the family (ten of us) has suffered with.  Additionally, since I always seem to be burning the candle at both ends with family, work, blogging, animals and more – I can use all the energy and help combatting fatigue as I possibly can get – this ginseng definitely helps!


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