Pentacle Electronics 2-Port 5V/2.1A Car Charger #pentacleproducts

Pentacle Electronics 2-Port 5V2.1A Car Charger


This Pentacle Electronics car charger is perfect for our size family.  There are four of us and there is a constant need to keep “stuff” charged in the car.  This car charger can charge three devices at the same time – there are two USB ports as well as one cable.




The cable is retractable so it takes minimal space but when you need it – it pulls out like the vacuum cleaner cord – to its full length.  To retract the cable back into the device itself, you simply press the button and it slips right back in. The USB ports have blue LED lights to make everything visible even in the dark.  The cable connector is both a lightning cable and a Micro USB cable – able to charge almost all devices.


This Pentacle Electronics Car Charger is available on Amazon.


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