MASHUP™ 15-minute Digital Workouts #Mashup



Booya Fitness offers every workout class you can imagine. From Barre to UrbanKick to MASHUP™- Booya Fitness gives you access to the fitness industry’s hottest boutique studios and formats from the comfort of your home. Ranked as the number one destination for streaming classes by Glamour Magazine, Booya Fitness gets you sweating in seconds! Featured in Glamour Magazine, Vogue, Goop and more. Try 30 days free. Cancel Anytime.


Find todays workout


All you do is sign up – you get ten full length videos for $35.00.


Purchased videos


Then you receive options for videos – muscle mania, kickstarter or Fast & Furious.  I choose Fast and Furious…


Popular on Booya


If you scroll down – you can even find videos that are popular on Booya.  All videos describe what you need, how many calories you can expect to burn, what type of fitness etc…


Fast and Furious Example


For example with the Fast and Furious video displayed you can see that they describe different level moves etc…  They are sure to make a medical recommendation for your safety.




And workouts are leveled.  Anyone can do them.  I have taken this to Florida on vacation and it is perfect.  Very versatile and fun.  Something for everyone.  Signup is easy as can be – and then you are immediately ready to go.


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