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SYB Pocket Patch to Shield Against Cell Phone EMF #SYBpocketPatch

SYB Pocket Patch to Shield Against Cell Phone EMF


Do you take your cell phone with you everywhere?  I do – and everyone in my family does.  We have become quite connected.  But cell phones create radiation and we definitely don’t need that constant exposure.


This Pocket Patch easily turns a pocket into a radiation shield.  It is simple to apply by just ironing on to a pocket.  This then acts as a shield and keeps the radiation away from our body.  It works in any type of pants but we are using them in jeans.  The iron on is not noticeable to anyone and it keeps us safe while we carry our phones 24/7.  This Pocket Patch doesn’t impact the way your cell phone works or the quality of the signal – it doesn’t drain the battery either.  It has been shown to block 99% of cell phone radiation.
Many scientific studies link this type of EMF radiation with infertility, impotence and cancer. The World Health Organization lists this radiation as a Class 2B Carcinogen. Even the cell phone companies tell you not to keep your phone in your pocket because it can exceed legal radiation levels.

Each Pocket Patch is 6.25″ tall and 4″ wide, and each package comes with three Pocket Patches.

Clothing can be cared for normally without bleach or dry cleaning.  Regular wash and dry is perfectly fine.  Even after 30 washes the Pocket Patch suffers no level of decreased performance.

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