Seeing A Few Frustrating Fleas is Nothing Compared To What Is Happening In Your Home! BRAVECTO® #12Bravecto

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  1. Michael Dick says:

    Please stop the use of Bravecto Flea Chewable. Riley my 2 year 9mo. Bedlington Terrier was give this safe drug form his vet on sunday may1 on may 2 he didn’t know the world he was in. Merck said they were sorry for the problem and they would give me $500.00 if I would sign a release. No way, no one should have too go thru what Riley and I went thru for 31 days. Green stuff coming out of his eyes, blood shotting out of his penis and butt. He could not even bark. He weight 25 lbs. and went too 16 lbs in 31 days. Please call 865 332 7010 if you have any questions. Sincerely, Michael Dick

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