How To Turn Your iPhone into A Photo Projector

Did you know you can turn your iphone into a projector

How To Turn Your iPhone into A Photo Projector


With over 101 million iPhone users in the United States alone, one would think that iPhone users are acquainted with each and every imaginable feature and function of the iPhone. However, far from that, there are several tricks that you can do with your iPhone that you didn’t know it is capable of performing. Among these is one awesome fact i.e. your iPhone can be turned into a projector!

Don’t take our word for it?  Follow the procedure below to get acquainted with the steps on how to turn your iPhone into a fully-fledged functioning projector.

You will need the following household supplies for this project:

  • A box, preferably a shoe box
  • A duct tape
  • Knife and a pair of scissors
  • Lens or magnifying glass which should not cost more than a dollar at supermarkets
  • A marker
  • Glue, preferably hot glue
  • LEGO’s for a DIY stand

Step one

  • Prepare the box

First and foremost you have to prep the box by ensuring all outlets are sealed so that no light may escape through it since the interference of light will cause the images to be projected through it appear dull.

You should cover all holes both inside and outside the box with duct tape so that no light gets exposure or even seeps out. Also ensure that the interior of the box is pitch black, or of it is not then you can either spray or paint it black.

Step two

With step number one complete, its time you prepare for the second part by tracing out a sketch of the magnifying glass precisely in the middle of one side of the shoebox.

Step three

Its time you make use of the paper knife you put aside to cut the hole traced in the previous step. Make sure you cut the box precisely so as to ensure that it is neither too loose nor too tight for the magnifying glass/ lens to fit into.

Again, do not forget to make a tiny incision at the back of the box for the phone’s cable.

Step four

  • Anchor the lens/ magnifying glass to the box

Now that you made a nice round hole for the magnifying glass, its time you fix it within the box firmly. If you bought a magnifying glass with a handle, you can take it off so that it may not cause any disruptions in our experiment.

You can then line up the lens and fasten it with the tape on the box and ensure that it is not shaky.

Step 5

  • Make a stand

Remember the Lego blocks we bought as part of our experiment? Its time you make use of them in this step. Make an iPhone stand with the Lego blocks and place it inside the box.

Step 6

  • Your iPhone projector is ready!

Yes, your iPhone projector is ready, but not entirely though, there is one step left that is you have to flip the screen because the image being portrayed is upside down.

You can flip your iPhone in the following steps; Go to settings menu > general> accessibility options and then turn on the assistive touch. Turning on the assistive touch will activate a white orb which you can manipulate to rotate the screen by selecting device> rotate.

Step 7

  • Pinpointing the perfect focus

Images are the clearest on white surfaces and therefore, if you’re to project the iPhone’s image anywhere, let it be on a clear white surface, preferably a frame free wall.

Now in order to find the best focus, you will have to move your phone both back and forth until the image projected is clear.

Step 8

  • Focus on the brightness

The most clear and vibrant image will be projected when the lights on the iPhone are turned to the highest and the projector is placed in a pitch dark room.

Enjoy your DIY iPhone projector.

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