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Re-Think Your Water With Mavea®

ReThink Your Water With Mavea


Have you made an lifestyle changes lately to help you make better choices for your health?  Well my family has been focusing on water.  Everything about water – drinking, swimming and more.




The MAVEA® Water Filtration Pitcher makes our lifestyle changes so incredibly easy.  First – the only way my children will even be willing to make changes is if they are intrigued and the design of this pitcher definitely grabs their attention.  They are constantly running to the fridge for water out of this elegantly designed pitcher.




This pitcher has an advanced MicroDisc filter technology and is a full, large 10-cup capacity making it ideal for home and family use.  It is also the perfect size for the fridge in our camper!




Each MicroDisc filter is guaranteed to do its job filtering for up to 60 gallons (227 Liters) – this is 50% more than standard filters!  The pour through lid allows for easy refills which means my children have no excuse – if they finish it, they must refill it.  There is even an indicator (MAVEA® MEMO) which lets us easily see when it is time to change the filter.  Right now it is exciting so the kids are drinking lots of water to see who the lucky person will be when the filter needs to be changed – kind of like trying to get the toy at the bottom of a cereal box!  It also has rubberized feet making it much more balanced and sturdy so my children are less likely to create a huge mess!  Dishwasher safe and BPA-free plastic.





The MAVEA® Water Filter Bottle allows us to take awesome filtered water with us – everywhere.  For us it is most important to be hydrated at the barn – where we spend huge amounts of time.  Taking a pitcher with us on the road is not ideal – but this easily portable water bottle is perfect.




The MAVEA® MicroDisc filters fit each of the different products – pitcher, bottle and carafe.




This water bottle does a great job reducing chlorine and other substances that impair taste.




It has an easy open spout and is dishwasher safe and BPA-free plastic.



Now we can have great tasting water all the time!




We sometimes even fill our bottles from the water hose and let it filtrate to drink when we are ready.




The MAVEA®Water Filter Carafe is perfect for my fridge at work – just the right size to store in the door of my dorm sized fridge in my office.




The carafe also has the MAVEA® MEMO indicator so we know when the filter needs to be changed.  Easy as can be – no extra work involved.


Check out all the great retailers for the MAVEA®  Water Filters!  Now that we have made the lifestyle change with our water – it is time to move on to the next lifestyle change!


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