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Islands Miracle Ultra 50 Probiotics are helping me to take care of my gastrointestinal health.  I have always had intestinal issues but for the most part they had always been minor and relatively easily controlled or able to get under control.  A  few months back I had a much more severe situation that kept me out of work for some time.  It was quite upsetting and depressing not to mention the pain was pretty unbearable at times.  Yeah, I am not doing that again.


Now I make sure I take probiotics every single day – as much of a ritual as my asthma maintenance medication.


Ultra 50 Probiotics supplement contains 18 of the most beneficial strains for your gut, including special strains not found in most other probiotic supplements. Ultra 50 Probiotics also includes prebiotics in the form of fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to promote growth of the good bacteria in the colon, which will maximize health benefits.


These are delayed release, high potency so they are still active even when they reach the small and large intestines.  They are gluten free, dairy free and non-GMO.


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